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Who is the


It would appear that we English-speakers HAVE A LOT to say!

"English is the most flexible tool ever devised by humans...

no matter what you're trying to build, you should learn to USE IT!"

--Ric Erwin, the Literary Mercenary

Oxford Language Project acknowledges more than Despite this rich literary heritage,
most Americans recognize only
250,000 English words: 20,000 words...
that DOUBLES Spanish And in their daily lives,
most use only
& nearly TRIPLES Hindi/Urdu! 5,000 words!  
That's where LitMerc comes in!

His vocabulary has been tested by  MENSA
and estimated at
nearly 50,000 WORDS!


Hi, I'm Ric Erwin-- the Literary Mercenary.

I am a professional singer & actor, and a leader of the Christmas Community

I am also a writer, master of ceremonies & public speaker...

When I lecture on modern literacy, I often open with this:

 "Language is the most democratic tool in human history:

you can use it as a hammer, and leave a clear impression;

 on the other hand, if you can ALSO use it as a scalpel--

then you can leave an even BETTER impression..."


So, if you wonder what to ask SANTA for this year,

ask him to bring you A LARGER VOCABULARY!!!

You know that old saying-- first impressions are lasting impressions?  

Now, thanks to the Internet, IT IS MORE TRUE THAN EVER!

The fact is, that no matter how amazing and original your ideas might be,

 if you ever intend to share those ideas with other folks in print or online--

in order to be taken seriously, they MUST be well-written!

So do what most successful people do:

Whether you need a



(catch & correct errors in your writing)

a discreet


(your ideas under your name, but in my words)

or an experienced

Spec Writer

(my words, my name--according to your specifications),

...take a minute to find out how LitMerc might help you

elevate your idea to a whole new level...


Where it's sure to be both noted AND acted upon!

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My writing has been published in books, newspapers, trade journals, national advertisements, and many other publications (follow navigation links at top of page)

My poetry ALONE has been included in 3 anthologies, 2 audio CDs & an illustrated coffee-table display-- and has won numerous awards!!!

then, let's talk!!
Ø  LitMerc's Test Results & Standings
o   1976 – ASVAB: 253 / AFQT: 98th percentile
o   1978— MENSA:
(the "Society of Genius")
o   Membership consists of persons within the upper 2nd percentile of general population as determined by a properly administered intelligence test.
o   1984— IQ: 148  Stanford-Binet  (Rev. ‘72)
o   2006—IQ:

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